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Angel in the Clouds

When God sends an Angel to Barbara Sussman. *

*Read Barbara’s angel story of comfort


When God sends an angel

is a book I just finished reading. I can’t reproduce any text from the book at this time, as I have not received the permission from Publication International to do so. When God Sends an angel is written by many writer’s, yet seems like the same author through out. Barbara Sussman’s story is not found in the book, but can be found in link under picture above.

I saw the work’s of love in each story I read in — When God Sends an Angel — and recommend reading it. Whether we see works of gifting love as angels or the actual work of the Holy Spirit, we are still blessed by God, because he promised both to us that believe in the “Good News Gospel”.

We don’t always know the difference between the work of angels and the work of the Holy Spirit , but we do always know He’s watching over us when we have been visited by God’s Holy Spirit or when God sends an angel. The important thing to always remember is that God is surely with us when we cry out to him and thats —

when God sends an angel.

The angels are not only there to guide and comfort us in mystical ways that we usually can’t see or comprehend — even if we do see. The angels also greatly influence humans to do acts of kindness to fellow humans and other living things. Acts of “Gifting Forward” is what I call them.

I met an angel last week myself…funny, her name is Penny. Penny Ballou is my penny from heaven. My story later, but for now; I would like you to share your story with my readers. Your story titled; When God Sends an Angel.

Please leave your angel story in comments. Who has gifted forward and changed your life? What happened right before that time when God sent an angel to you in the past? Try to be spiritually keen and notice. Then give credit where due, when God sends an Angel to you.

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