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Prayer to God From Faceless Voice – aug 2011

Lord, I’m acting selfish in my actions, resulting in someones weakening of faith. This knowledge, you have given me. Lord show my wrong action and who it is that I weaken, so that I may amend it in the fashion you direct me by Your wisdom.

Heartfelt ANSWER to Faceless Voice’s prayer to God:

That one you weaken is large in your heart, easily recognizable. The action is blatant, why do you ask? Freeing yourself of your guilt by choosing strength in times of temptation will stop your wrong actions and that in turn will open the portal to praise me freely for the gifts I give. It is only your guilt that blocks your freedom to rejoice… as if you don’t deserve. Your guilt is self inflicted as if you don’t believe or don’t understand that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is freedom from guilt at the time of salvation.

So listen… Go in faith and sin no more.

Associated scripture I was lead within hours of prayer to God:

Oh God, You know my Foolishness.

And my sins are not hidden from You.

Let not those who wait for You,

Oh Lord God of hosts, be ashamed because of me;

Let not those who seek You be confounded

because of me, O God of Israel. Psalms 69: 5,6


Prayer to God – by Faceless Voice – June 2011

My will, oh Lord, is for my will to be your will, so I will… choose the right path at the crossroads in my life…Yet my flesh pleads with me at times to be satiated by deeds of my past habits.  Show me clearly the path of discipline that leads to living in the Spirit full time. You have shown me before, I admit that. But I took the knowledge and wisdom your Holy Spirit imparted to me for granted. In that act, I lost the victory in my battles at the crossroads.

Heartfelt answer to Faceless Voice’s prayer to God:

Seek the wisdom I have shown you in the past. Exercise the Power of the Holy Spirit which I have given you. Exercise the power of it’s truth in all you  SAY and Do and you will be restored to victory over your flesh through the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I can show you the truth by the Word that is written in your heart.. ..One true GOD, one true LOVE.  All righteousness is born out of LOVE.

Mark 12:32,33

32Well said, teacher,the man replied. You are right in saying that God is one and there is no other but him. 33To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.


Prayer to God – by Faceless Voice – May 2008

For Your Glorification Lord,
humble me as you wish my Lord, which all your power and Grace supply, as I receive it.
Shine your light into me that I may see outward through it.
Carry my soul in the palms of your hands.
Let not darkness of the world overpower me.
Let not my heart faint in troubles.
Keep my spirit, heart and soul in your presence.
Seek me, seeking you.
Welcome my recognition of your truth and goodness.
Welcome the continual thanksgiving from my heart.
Welcome my spirit as one with yours.
Show me your acknowledgment of my praise and thanksgiving.
Give me wisdom and good judgement with joy overwhelming as I rejoice in you.

Heartfelt Answer to Faceless Voice’s Payer to God

It is good that you seek me and my righteousness in Wisdom. I see your love for peace with Me and mankind and am pleased. These things are attainable by faith in the Word I have provided for all. I wrote these things through prophets of old and now within your hearts. By believing, you are given a desire to seek my will, wherein I am able to speak to you through the Holy Spirit by the reading of My Word, giving you the Wisdom and knowledge you desire. That insight must be put in to practice through discipline of the flesh. Though you are saved by your faith in my Word, you must act in accordance to my Word to reap all the benefits of knowing me by living through the power of the Holy Spirit. My Spirit will lift you from the mire of the world through My grace and power instilled within your soul. There you will find the joy and peace of mind that all mankind yearns for.

Psalms 119:105 – “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”


Prayer to God Answered

Thank you Lord for answering all these prayers above. Showing me your strength has given me the victory you promised. I no longer desire any habits of my past that conflict with your will for me. I thank you again and trust you will keep my faith safe in YOU.

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