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KNowledge Without Wisdom

Knowledge Without Wisdom is the Perfect Storm

Knowledge Without Wisdom

Knowledge Without Wisdom by Faceless Voice – July 2011

Knowledge without wisdom is like an old feather pillow, prickly and useless while robbing you of your sleep. Wisdom is acting according to your spiritual knowledge of the Way. Not acting out the knowledge you obtained from the secular world in all kinds of greed and lust.

Whether your knowledge is in Science or in any other field, it is of no use except toward destruction, unless wisdom is instilled within and applied to knowledge. Wisdom without knowledge is impossible to obtain. Wisdom is the mother of knowledge, knowing and telling all. Wisdom is the one that teaches us how to use our knowledge that we acquire throughout our lives. Knowledge without wisdom is very possible but also very detrimental in every way thinkable.

Knowledge with wisdom builds up love, rewarding your soul with a natural high that comes with sacrificing for others comfort and well being. Dwell in love and Wisdom will have fulfilled her promises and revealed her wise riches that are more valuable than gold.

Keep this concept close to your heart, that wisdom be welcome at every crossroad in life.

We are only as weak as we are poor at hearing when wisdom comes knocking. Seek Wisdom daily and wisdom will supply you with the right ideas for the right times.

Don’t forget to thank God and be happy, in Jesus name, for all the riches Wisdom brings you, as she brings it, each and every time. Because Gifts without thanksgiving are as useless as knowledge without wisdom.

A PRAYER by Faceless Voice.

Lord, I’m acting selfish and stupidly, my actions are resulting in someones lack of faith. This knowledge you have given me.

Lord show me my fault and who it is that I weaken, so that I may amend it in the fashion you direct me by Your wisdom. I am using my knowledge without wisdom.


Your habit is not even acceptable in the secular world. It shows a direct relationship to disobedience, destruction, death and bondage. Those spirits are invited to stay as long as you hold to your habit of smoking. They will taunt you every time you smoke. That one you weaken is large in your heart to easily recognize. Freeing yourself by choice of strength will open the portal to praise me freely for the gifts I give. It is only you feeling unworthy of God that blocks your freedom to rejoice… as if you don’t deserve. your guilt is self inflicted as if you don’t believe or not understand that the true gospel of Jesus Christ is freedom from guilt at the time of salvation.

So listen… Go in faith and sin no more.

A prayer to God – by Faceless Voice-

My will, oh Lord, is for my will to be your will, so I will… choose the right path at the crossroads in my life.

Yet my flesh pleads with me at times to be satiated by deeds of my past habits. Show me clearly, the path of discipline that leads to living in the Spirit full time. You have shown me before, I admit that. But I took the knowledge and wisdom your Holy Spirit imparted to me for granted. In that act, I lost the victory in some of my battles at the crossroads.

Gods answer to Faceless Voice’s prayer:

Child… Seek the wisdom I have shown you in the past.  Exercise the Power of the Holy Spirit which I have given you.  Exercise the power of it’s truth in all you SAY and Do and you will be restored to victory over your flesh through the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

by Faceless Voice – 6/2011, in “CROSSROADS”

Knowledge without Wisdom is Foolish and useless.

Wisdom Without Knowledge is Impossible!

Oh God, You know my foolishness;

And my sins are not hidden from You.

Let not those who wait for You,

Oh Lord God of hosts, be ashamed because of me;

Let not those who seek You be confounded

because of me, O God of Israel. – Psalms 69: 5,6 –

My soul follows close behind You. Your right hand upholds me. -Psalms 63:8-

Who has put wisdom in the innermost being
Or given understanding to the mind.   Job 38:36 –

He who walks with integrity, works righteousness
and speaks truth in his heart.  -Psalms 15: 2 –

The Knowledge With Wisdom below, is all scriptural, brought to our attention by:

Knowledge without Wisdom is Useless.

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