Happiness is all About Perspective posted by on January 1, 2012

Happiness is…ALL about Perspective.

Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting all you have.

Happiness is a pre-set choice.

Happiness is achieved by relying strictly on the right perspective. The right perspective is a righteous perspective, seeing the potential for happiness in knowing Jesus as your personal friend and Savior is the right start for the right perspective.

Once we know Christ as our Savior, a war within begins. The war between …

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...all about Perspective

… the old fleshly man

that still abides within us until we overcome the flesh.  Happiness is achieved by finding the treasures of righteous perspectives in the Word of God that lead us to overcoming the flesh.

We have the option to feed our Spiritual nature or feed our fleshly nature at any given moment. Whether in our hearts with our thoughts or in our daily actions of serving ourselves the selfish habits we gained while in the world.

The Word of God does teach us all the ways to feed our Spirit. By studying the Word, we feed our spiritual nature. By doing good for others, we feed our spiritual nature. By thanking God for each of His gifts as we receive them, we feed our spiritual nature. By stopping ourselves when tempted to do what we know in our hearts is wrong, is feeding our spiritual nature. Every good choice we make strengthens our relationship with our God and allows the right perspective to settle in our hearts and minds, bringing the happiness we all so desire.

When we feed our fleshly nature, we believe at the moment, that we are gaining more happiness. Drinking, using drugs or anything else that alters our minds is only a desire to achieve instant gratification. What seems to bring instant gratification is actually burying us in guilt. That guilt will block any true joy. True joy comes from knowing what God wants from us and acting on it. True happiness is achieved by feeding the Spiritual nature within ourselves.

Matthew 22:35 Is where Jesus tells us about 2 commandments that fulfill all the laws of God. Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor the same way, with all your heart. In these 2 commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Loving both God and humanity brings happiness, because we cannot break any laws while doing so. Guilt is the robber of happiness. Loving God and humanity causes the gift of happiness, because we know we are doing right. Happiness is putting the right perspective into action every moment of the day. Happiness is praying to God with joy in the right perspective.

True happiness is attained through the sight that God gives us when we choose Him over ourselves. The act of denying ourselves of destructive habits brings a lift in the spirit that exceeds any lift induced by things we indulge in here in this world. When we are no longer blind but can see, we no longer need to feel around in the flesh to satiate our need for happiness. Recognize the power and free feeling when you do deny your destructive habit. Take note of the peace of mind and happiness you experience at that moment and every moment that follows…so that you will seek that same reward every time you are tempted. This is the best advice to myself that I know to help me make the right choices to perfect the right perspective…That is what happiness is and always has been.

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