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Thanksgiving for Gift from God

Giving Thanks for That Gift From God

Gift From God

A Gift from God. Is that not what we all secretly or openly hope for daily? When we do receive them, do we recognize them and rejoice in thanksgiving for each gift from God or just that one special gift from God?

When you worry about getting ahead (hoping for a gift from God), when you are already ahead (receiving a steady flow of one gift from God after another), you’ve forgotten to give thanks for all God’s gifts that you have already partaken of, one gift from God at a time.

Every morning brings God’s mercy. Every day God is giving, giving, giving. Do we take his giving for granted? Many times I see only after the fact, what awesome thing God has done for me. Sometimes only after sharing my news of good fortune with others, do I stop and share my joy with the One that gave me my good fortune. The rejoicing is full at that moment. It is my desire to see all these gifts from God the moment they are received by me. Only then will I be able to continually give God the glory for His gifts, even between the gifts.

These gifts from God are for the purpose of reinforcing our relationship with God, through our thanksgiving for the gift from God; Not for the purpose of reinforcing our relationship with our own flesh through greed. Give God thanks without ceasing and see the joy of the Lord.

Without a joyful heart of thanksgiving, we give God grief. The grief of seeing the lack of gratitude in His children.

Faceless Voice -2011- “Gift From God”

The most important gift from God is eternal life.

The free gift from God is Salvation from this world…Our gift to God is to┬ádeny our own souls in the flesh and lovingly accept Gods invitation to live with Him eternally.

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