Feeling Unworthy of God? posted by on October 14, 2011

Feeling unworthy of God?

Or even feeling unworthy of just your spouse, family or friends?

Feeling unworthy is called guilt my friend.

Feeling Unworthy Toward God?

Feeling Unworthy. Get Another Perspective.

Guilt is put upon us by our own selves as we recognize our faults; which are really just personal sins that harm the ones we love or ourselves. We don’t recognize these faults sometimes when our perception is so darkened that we can’t feel the pain of our own faults, until they hurt the ones we love. Which in turn hurts us and gets us feeling unworthy

Find consulation in the fact that you are not so blinded yet that you don’t LOVE. Being able to feel pain for the state of another is true proof of love. Being able to love shows there is hope yet. Hope that we will not be eventually so blinded that we choose not to come to God and be forgiven of those things we committed and continue to commit. The hope is all in the Word. The entire Bible can not be contained here on this site. Keep Googling for scriptures and be comforted in your particular situation. If you are feeling unworthy, don’t fear, there is an answer. Just believe.

Yes, we are all unworthy. But….God has made a way out for us from being bogged down and feeling unworthy, therein is where He comforts us and enlightens us to the Truth.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Light and no man comes to Me except through the Father, GOD. Jesus said that.

So we have come to Him, the one and only GOD, through Jesus. Yet… we still feel ashamed because that one thing or some of the very things that we accepted forgiveness for, are the things we are still doing. Where do we go from there? There seems to be a little cloud of confusion.

WE once felt cleansed because we confessed and saw clearly the detrimental hold of those sins and were more than willing to confess and let them fall into the forgiven past. But…. some negative parasitical habits return, hurting those we love, causing one, some or all in our world, anguish. Or in some cases just our own selves.

So what is the key to understanding and abiding in the Truth? It is Perception, yes….a true perception of God’s Word. of our souls, of our destiny and how the odd little things in between fit in for God’s glory in the end.

How to get perception? that is something we gain as we decipher what we really love and what we don’t love. You can not serve two God’s or even two loves. For you will love the one and hate the other in the end.  As soon as you see a joyous perception of your situation, take hold of it and use that Truth and joy by embedding that truth (whatever that may be in your moment of Truth) into your soul. SEE that when you are tempted and your temptations will lessen in volume and strength.

Your perspective is everything. That I am absolutely sure of and that is what we OWN. That is what makes us who we are. It’s our perception that guides us in every single act we perform. So….if you can’t change your pain, discomfort or level of confusion, then just ask God to change your perceptions and the end of your bad habits will follow giving a way for LOVE to survive, which brings all the feeling of worthiness to each and every one of us.

There is no reason anyone should have to be feeling unworthy of God if we know Him.


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