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Crossroads Require Prayer for Direction


A Path called discipline by Faceless Voice

At the crossroads, there is a path called discipline, that very road that will lead you to pleasing God, thereby being able to utilize the power of the Holy Spirit to stay on that path without distraction, thereby eliminating many future crossroads.

When we stray from that path of discipline, God will sometimes honor us with mercy during the repercussions of our disobedience, though we know we don’t deserve it. Which is the very reason he is honoring us with that mercy. And those are the times we will be given the wisdom to avoid the crossroads in the future.

 God’s wisdom is given through the gift of the Holy Spirit at the time in which we first believe. The HOLY Spirit gives us wisdom that teaches us what we must do to please God by giving us a glimpse of God’s grief when we sin against Him or our fellow man. When at our crossroads we choose evil over good, we give God Grief.

In all you choose, your only ulterior motive should be to please God. If it’s not for God, it’s for naught.

Satan wants to murder you. But his only weapon is in the consequences of your own sins.  You have a defense. It is not an attorney, the social media or a body guard. Your defense is opening that sacred inner room of your heart while at your crossroads. Seek the very heart of God there. Chose the path of discipline where you will find strength from the Holy Spirit to Choose right and not wrong when tempted. Every man is born with the knowledge of right and wrong. Don’t let life’s influence compromise that perception you were first given. Don’t be tainted by the world and it’s ungodly perception of right and wrong, nor Influenced by your acquired anger. Those only lead to self destruction, which is, oh so grieving to God..

Yield to God’s Holy Spirit through Wisdom’s instructions. Seek her and she will make herself known to you through your thoughts. When your thoughts are at ease, you know she is visiting. Invite her to stay.

“For within her Spirit, intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, active, incisive, unsullied, lucid, invulnerable, benevolent, sharp, irresistible, beneficent, loving to man, steadfast, dependable, unperturbed, almighty, all-surveying, penetrating all intelligent, pure and most subtle spirits; for Wisdom is quicker to move than any motion: she is so pure, she pervades and permeates all things. She is the breath of the power of God, pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty: hence nothing impure can find a way into her… She is a reflection of the eternal LIGHT, untarnished mirror of God’s active power, image of His goodness. Although alone, she can do all, herself unchanging, she makes all things new.” (as when you choose the right path at your crossroads). Can you find this in the scriptures? Tell me if so in comments.

Where there is new life in knowing Jesus and accepting God’s Holy Spirit, there is freedom. You will feel the freedom and seek to keep the peace of mind THAT freedom brings. Will you choose this life of freedom that God shows you? A life full of Light with no weight of your own sins? Think of this when you approach your own crossroads. “Whether there are many crossroads or there are few, ALL crossroads lead to perfecting our own souls.” – Voiceless Face” 2011


A prayer – by Faceless Voice-

My will, oh Lord, is for my will to be your will, so I will… choose the right path at the crossroads in my life.

Yet my flesh pleads with me at times to be satiated by deeds of my past habits. Show me clearly the path of discipline that leads to living in the Spirit full time. You have shown me before, I admit that. But I took the knowledge and wisdom your Holy Spirit imparted to me for granted. In that act, I lost the victory in my battles at certain crossroads.

Gods answer to Faceless Voice’s prayer:

Child… Seek the wisdom I have shown you in the past. Exercise the Power of the Holy Spirit which I have given you. Exercise the power of it’s truth in all you SAY and Do and you will be restored to victory over your flesh through the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Yielding to me is exercising the power of My Holy Spirit.

Inspirational perceptions by Faceless

Voice – in 6/2011“CROSSROADS” Crossroads

Here in comments,use as many comments as you like. I would love to get your story about the crossroads you have come to; how you chose your path, what happened at the crossroads or what happened after you chose which path, good or bad, to follow at the crossroads. If you like, even include what lead up to your crossroads.Crossroads before crossroads and crossroads after crossroads are all crossroads to cross while bearing a cross.

I am trying to embed this word crossroads, so that when you come across the crossroads, you will remember these saying

  1. What lead to your crossroads?
  2. What happened at your crossroads?of all crossroads
  3. What were the consequences from choosing the wrong road at your crossroads?of all crossroads
  4. What was the beautiful outcome of following your God given Wisdom at your crossroads?of all crossroads
  5. Or are you approaching that crossroads right now? Be brave, be joyful, Don’t be afraid, just believe what God has handed you will be beautiful and bright if you take the right path at your crossroads.

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  • Top Ten Things That Cause God Grief? We can all think of 100,000,000 plus grievances simultaneously in one instant, yet find it hard to extrapolate just 10 into simple, personal terms, and harder yet to picture creating understandable jargon suitable to place on the Internet for consideration of the world. So you don’t write anything.
    At least most of you won’t. I’ll be watching to see what takes place on this home page I would recommend do write but don’t be the judge for the suitability of your own writing. With billions of people viewing, it would be impossible for anyone to know who is kin to what. Its just like art. If Pablo Picasso can make a tender mark on mankind, then anyone can with text, music or images, all on the Internet.
    Just remember, the only thing that matters is seeking Gods Joy in all you do. Listen to the Holy Spirit as you share.
    Block out the knowledge of the secular world. Because knowledge without Wisdom is dangerous and destructive in every way. Yet, Wisdom will always bring you back home….when applied to your own knowledge.

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