Close to God posted by on September 25, 2011
Close to God

Deny yourself and get close to God.

Close to God?

Deny yourself and you will find yourself close to God. Who is your “Self”?

That ONE that dictates your actions by your desires. What are your desires and where did your desires come from? Before receiving the Gospel of Jesus as Truth, you may have acquired one or more detrimental habits while imbibing in the world’s seeming pleasures. In the world are workers of iniquity that work on you toward your own destruction through your desires to feed your flesh. From there you have taken on habits that have come to control your actions, in most cases daily. Now answer within yourself, “What are those past desires, now coming by habit”? Some real destructive desires like smoking, drinking, gambling and sex mongering may ring true in your life and prevent you from feeling close to God. If so there is your answer. That my friend is your “Self” with a capital S, serving itself first before God, but what it serves is a platter of steaming delicacies that are portals to family and self destruction and an early death. In partaking, you are knowingly taking a path of destruction by your own perception within your selfish world. It is your actions stemmed from desires that keep you from feeling close to God. Pray for a righteous perception to be unveiled by the Holy Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to send us after he left, for the purpose of teaching us and leading us away from our selfish desires and to feeling close to God. Those bondages of sin attached from the past can actually end up glorifying God in the end when we take control of our selfish desires and stop doing those destructive things. By denying ourselves, we truly can get close to God from our point of view. Our point of view while sinning is one of separation from God due to our guilt which is intended to lead us to repentence. After repenting of a particular habit, we must sin no more in it to eliminate any future guilt concerning it. God is close to us when we accept Him. We only “feel” that separation when we serve ourselves first. We are not truly separated, because Jesus made us one with Him and the Father the day we first believed. If that is not close to God, I don’t know what is. The sooner we all deny ourselves of any harmful actions toward ourselves and others, the sooner we will really feel close to God, really feeling God’s nearness, in not only the absence of guilt, but in a triumphant heart of thanksgiving to God for the refreshed new level of truly loving God unselfishly. We all know that God gave his life in the flesh for us so that we can be close to God. But have we given our fleshly life to him by denying ourselves the sins that we have engrossed ourselves in too long already?

Deny yourself and get close to God.

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